APOLLO v-1.0

Hi there! This is my entry for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam. You control a small rocket and have to collect the red dots. Each dot adds weight to your rocket, making it harder to control. Every 15 point you get an upgrade.

I recommend playing in fullscreen mode. For some reason the game is not displayer properly without it.

K - Kill Player
C - Show controls
B - Toggle bloom
I - Toggle CRT
M - Toggle music

What's your highscore?

Work used:

Music - Fall Falling by Kevin MacLeod

CRT Shader - Based of off the tutorial by Alan Zucconi

Font - Pixeled by OmegaPC777

If I (unintentionally) used your work against your will, please contact me.


Windows 17 MB
Mac OS X 20 MB

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